Team Rocks Frequently asked questions

What does a climbing competition entail?

Contrary to common belief most climbing competitions are not about who can climb the fastest. Most USA Climbing competitions work on a point system. Individuals have a time frame to climb what they want - each climb is given a point value. Climbing competitions are a very supportive environment - everyone there supports each other.

How is “Team” different from “Pre-team”

Pre-team only meets once a week, as Team has a commitment of meeting twice a week. Team works a lot more on the strength aspects of climbing in order to prepare for competitions. The level of involvement, motivation, and commitment is a lot higher for Team than it is for Pre-team.

Should I have my own shoes/harness/chalk?

Highly recommended! Training and competing in your own equipment provides a certain kind of comfort. You don’t have to worry about rentals and risking your size not being available. If you are ready to compete - it is helpful to have your own gear. Personal gear is higher quality than rentals - which are typically used by lower level of climbers. Keep in mind how often your feet change sizes and how often you compete when making a decision to buy shoes.

When can I sign up for Team?

Team is by invitation only! When we feel that Team is a good fit for you, we will let you know. You also can schedule a tryout with the front desk.

What does the competition season look like?

The bouldering season begins in the fall. USA Climbing competitions start in the fall and run through the winter. If you qualify, regional competitions are next. If you qualify past regionals, there are divisional competitions, national competitions, and world competitions.

Top-roping competitions begin in late winter/early spring and have a similar set-up of beginning with local qualifying competitions and following rounds all the way to world championships.

​There are many other formats and details which are lined out in the USAC Rulebook. This is just a very simply overview to start things out. You can find the USAC rulebook on the USAC webpage.

For more information about joining Team Rocks, please contact Frederic.