For rock climbing, all your goals will be met. We have indoor climbing challenges for complete beginners to expert climbers. Our gym is equipped with 15 auto-belay so you can climb solo or climb while your kids enjoy the routes on their own. Routes change frequently and are set to take you to your next level of climbing. If you don't want to climb in a gym, we also offer guiding trips locally and to the White Mountains where you can learn safety, rope management and climbing skills while you experience the feel of real rock on your finger tips.

Back in the gym, we also offer parkour. We currently have a zip line for Birthday Parties and Camp sessions only. For those of you interested in testing out your American Ninja Warrior skills, you will also be able to train here.

Challenge Rocks


Challenge yourself


Gain confidence in your ability to achieve


Become a stronger person physically and mentally


Have fun - and when we say fun, we mean serious fun