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1.     Undergo all train by staff to climb inside the gym

2.     Do not leave clothes and shoes on the floor - tripping hazard for others!!

3.     Do not chew gum in the gym.
4.     Please do not eat past the benched area.
5.     Please ONLY drink water on non-matted areas.
6.     IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO USE IT PLEASE ASK!! We are happy to help!
8.     The slide for the zip line is only to be used for the zip line unless staff says otherwise.
9.     Only one person is allowed on top of each warped wall at a time!
10.   To get up the warped walls you must run up on your own! - Climbing from the small wall to the top of the larger wall is not allowed.
11.    There is a labeled,  one-way exit from the warped wall.  This is the only way anyone should exit from the warped walls.
12.    Obstacle courses are always a one way route.
13.    Do not pass someone on an obstacle course.
14.    Ask Staff for assistance if you are unsure of anything.
15.    If you want to bring out an obstacle or move an obstacle please check with staff before​ doing so.
16.    Only enter Zip-Line Tower if allowed!  Once inside only one person per platform.
17.    You must be clipped in if you climb above the stop signs on the top-rope walls!
18.    One person can climb in the cave at a time. 
19.    NO SMOKING is allowed in front of or inside Challenge Rocks.
20.    Lead climbing, lead belaying, and belaying are allowed ONLY for those who are certified by Challenge Rocks. 
21.    BE SAFE & HAVE FUN!!!

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