Day Passes

Children 3 and under (With no other discount)


Rental Gear Bundle








10 Pass Punch Cards

Gear Included


Gear NOT Included


Monthly Membership


Covers 2 adults plus any children under the age of 18 residing at the same address.




Open Climb


Includes harness and access to all auto belays, top ropes, bouldering,

American Ninja Warrior Challenges, registration required


Includes shoes and harness rental, 1 free guest pass per month (full price members only), access to all auto belays, top ropes, bouldering, American Ninja Warrior Challenges


One Year Pre-Paid Membership




​We Belay​

Let our staff hold the ropes for you! This is a great option for families with multiple children, solo climbers, or where no one in the group is trained to belay, but the climbers want to move beyond the auto belays.

​Cost is $20/hr per staff, and does not include day passes or gear rental. One staff can work with up to 6 climbers at a time, each taking turns climbing the top rope walls. This is not an instruction, however our staff will offer encouragement and tips, and assist in selecting the proper wall for the climbers’ skill level.

Belay Certification is available to patrons at no additional charge!

Call in advance to schedule: 617-792-4463


Groups of adults and kids alike can enjoy events at Challenge Rocks. We work to meet your needs whether it be team building, climbing only, knot tying, American Ninja Warrior training, etc. Here are some event ideas:

  • PTO

  • Class Fieldtrips

  • Fundraising Events

  • MeetUp Groups

  • Scouts

  • Sports Teams

  • Corporate Team Building

  • Bachelor/bachelorette Parties

  • Class Reunions


For more information or to schedule an event: